The car you drive has a chassis (skeleton) that is made up of a combination of metals. Usually, automotive manufacturers use aluminium and steel to craft the chassis. So, it is true that the demand and supply of these metals affect the scrap metal market.

In this article we will cover

But what is it that influences the price of steel and aluminium?

Well, the global economy, the cost of electricity, and any other out-of-control conditions can affect scrap car prices. You could also experience a change in prices due to the application of import tariffs, embargos, and sanctions.

If all the factors are in a positive trend, you can get cash for cars at numerous car wreckers without thinking twice.

When to Sell Your Scrap Metal Vehicle?

All things aside, the best time to sell your vehicle is when the prices for scrap metal are at their highest. Luckily, you can track that quite easily using the internet and by following the local news.

When you hear the prices are on an upward trend, you should call a car removal service and sell off your vehicle at the best price possible.

But you should keep in mind that you will get money on a per-ton basis and that excluding the other materials used in the car’s construction. So, the plastics, fabrics and all other stuff used in a vehicle will not be counted in the total price.

If you look to sell your car as a scrap metal specimen, you might get a higher price for the parts, chassis and all other important things as a whole.

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Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling

The biggest question is why should you recycle your car when you could sell it to a used car dealership or in an auction. Well, that’s because there are benefits to recycling a vehicle.

For one, the burden on auto manufacturers to make new parts for vehicles reduces considerably. They can rely on scrap yards to supply spare parts to people in need. When the supply reduces as a whole, the marques can then start production and maintain the market.

Moreover, the steel and aluminium that are extracted from scrapped cars are reused by auto manufacturers to make new vehicles every year. This results in fewer emissions from metal extraction, excavation and production. So, the environment and the world as a whole benefit from scrap metal recycling.


The price varies on various factors. If you want to learn more, you can look at a scrap car’s worth in NZ.

Scrap metal prices are expected to go up considerably in the coming years. In other words, now is the best time to recycle your vehicle.


In essence, the metal price does affect the overall scrap metal market and ultimately it is you who bears the cost. But it is not worth waiting for the prices to fluctuate, so you shouldn’t wait too much when selling a car in NZ for scrap