You might be looking to sell the unused car that’s taking up space in your garage. But it is difficult to be sure how much the scrap car is worth.

The price a New Zealand-based scrapper pays varies due to several factors, including the car’s condition, the time of the month you’re selling, and the price of scrap metal, among other things. But if you want a good ballpark figure, think between $300 to $10,000.

In other words, the condition has to be just right to get the most out of a scrap car buyer.

However, if you wait too much for the right time, you could hurt the value of your scrap-worthy car. That’s the last thing you want when you are looking for the most amount of money.

Luckily, you have my help in this matter. Today, I will tell you everything you need to know to maximize the gains from scrapping your car while also talking about the factors that affect the scrap value of a vehicle in NZ.

In this article we will cover

What Affects the Scrap Car Worth in NZ?

Several factors contribute to the price you get for your car at a scrap yard in New Zealand. They are mainly how far are you from the buyer, the make, model, condition and year of the car and scrap metal prices.

Let’s dig deep into them.

Car Location

A half-cut car mounted on a container at Hamilton yard.

Ideally, you would want to get in touch with a car wrecker near you. If your car is too far away from the yard, the cost of transportation would increase.

That would lead to unnecessary costs for the scrapper and offset any advantages that might come with buying your car.

Car Condition

scrap my car auckland
The parts are being salvaged from the vehicle.

You might not think it’s important, but the current state of your car matters to a scrapper.

If the vehicle is rotting in rust and only a handful of parts are salvageable, you might not get good offers.

On the other hand, if your vehicle is in fairly good condition i.e. drivable and functioning normally, then we could offer a hefty amount.

Make and Model

BMW Wreckers Auckland

The chances of getting a good deal for your scrap-worthy car can also depend on its make and model.

If your vehicle belongs to a popular automotive brand or is a famous model, you are likely to get the most amount of money.

That’s because the parts of such vehicles are in high demand, and we will do almost anything to get our hands on them. This is especially true if you are selling a car in Auckland due to high competition among buyers.

The Price of Scrap Metal

scrap metal industry new zealand
Large excavator with a claw crushing and piling old cars

Scrap metal prices vary between regions, and depend on the time of year you are selling your car.

When the time is right, you could get up to $200/ea for a complete car chassis. But when times are tough and the global demand for steel drops, scrappers can offer as low as $50/ea for the vehicle chassis.

So, does the steel market affect scrap value? Look here to find out more.

The Car’s Manufacturing Year

The older your vehicle, the more chances there are of it being affected by rust.

Scrappers note such things since most of what they buy/sell is metal. Therefore, if your car is old and has too much corrosion, scrap yards will pay you less.

Optional Delivery Service

A scrap van being towed

Many scrappers offer a pickup service, which you can use if your car is immovable.

This can also be useful if you are selling a deregistered car since you can’t legally drive it on the road.

However, the delivery service costs money, which the scrap yard will ultimately deduct from the total value of your car.

The scrap car worth depends on the factors outlined above. But if you want a good ballpark figure, think between $300 to $10,000.
The goal is to get the most money for your scrap vehicle. But how is that possible when there are so many factors involved? Well, the answer lies in negotiation. The stronger you are at that skill, the better your chances of earning good money.

How to Make the Most Money?

If you want to make more money on your car then keep the following in mind.

Be Quick

If you act fast and sell your scrap vehicle before it starts to rot, you will get the most value out of it.

The longer it sits in your garage, the higher the chances of corrosion and the key components malfunctioning. Try to get a better scrap car worth, while the car is still drivable.


Most people sell their cars to scrappers because they aren’t drivable or road-worthy.

If your vehicle is working fine, there is no harm in asking a higher price for it. You can get a better amount if you get on the negotiating table and carve out a deal.

Consult Multiple Buyers

It’s advisable to talk to several scrap yards before selling your vehicle.

Your aim should be to negotiate a deal with each one of them. Once you have done that, you can choose the scrapper offering the best money for your car.

Final Thoughts

Finding the exact price for your scrap car can be near impossible, especially if you add numerous variables into the mix. Luckily, there is an easy way out that can cut your time in half.

I’m talking about contacting the scrap yard directly with your queries. Not only does this method save you time, but it also allows you to be quick and negotiate the deal for a more lucrative resolution.

Contact Mega Wreckers today to learn the exact scrap price for your vehicle and to discover more of our services.