Nowadays, you can scrap almost anything and everything. But when it comes to cars, things get slightly more complicated. You need wheels to move the vehicle, preferably an engine to move the wheels as well. So, what happens if your car doesn’t have an engine?

In this article we will cover

Can you still get cash from car wreckers?

Well, the short answer is yes, you can scrap a car without an engine but the scrap yard would pay a lot less for such a vehicle.

After all, when you are at a scrapper, they weigh your car on a scale and pay you on a per-ton basis. The heavier your vehicle, the more money you should expect to make. But if you remove the engine, you are effectively reducing more than 100 kgs of weight from the equation. Moreover, you are removing a component that is considered the heart of a vehicle. No scrap yard would be happy if you sell them a car sans an engine. It is not illegal, but it is unethical as well.

It is possible that you are on the salvage side of things and you believe in removing all the relevant parts from your vehicle before selling it to car wreckers. This allows you to make extra money, but it removes the benefit of the scrap yard.

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Tips for scrapping a car sans an engine

If you are looking to sell your vehicle without a working engine or a missing engine, you should focus on other things to improve the package’s appeal. You want the car to look appealing to the scrapper. If the engine is missing, but the gearbox, headlights, taillights, chassis, dashboard, ECU and other vital components are fine, you should be able to extract a good amount of money from a car wrecker.

But you should still prepare your mind to accept a lower price. After all, there is no guarantee keeping other parts in top shape would maintain the car’s value. If you have an open mind in this regard, you will never face disappointment.


It is not entirely impossible to sell a car with a missing engine. However, it makes things difficult for you. This situation is similar to selling a vehicle without tires. The scrap yard can survive without them, but chances are you won’t be able to accept the low price offered for your car.