Selling your junk car to car wreckers is an amazing choice. It’s extremely convenient, and you’re also handing your car to responsible hands.

When your car goes to wreckers, it will undergo a complex dismantling, recycling, and reselling process. The process could go wrong in many ways, especially if the wreckers are not skilled and professional. In this article, we will take a look at some such situations.

In this article we will cover

Leaking of harmful fluids

One of the reasons why it’s encouraged not to leave your old, unused vehicle lying around is the fluids inside the vehicle. There is always the chance of these fluids leaking out. And since these fluids are toxic chemicals, they can badly affect the environment.

Draining the scrap car of fluids and safely disposing of them is a significant step in the car wrecking process. We drain the oil, gas, antifreeze, transmission, and brake lubricants and fluids. After segregating the hazardous liquids, we ensure their safe disposal.

If the wrecking process is not properly done, then these fluids can come into contact with the environment and pollute the soil, water, and air. It’s also harmful to humans who come into direct contact with it.

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Accidents in the workplace

The wrecking process is a complex and dangerous one. Not only do we have to work with harmful fluids, but we also have to work with the various electronic machinery inside cars. The metal shredder machine used at the end with the scrap metal is very dangerous. The smallest mistake in the process can cause bad accidents.

Thus, dealing with professional and well-equipped wrecking services is a must. When selling your vehicle make sure they are well established and have the resources and safety measures to dismantle your vehicle.

Wastage of intact car parts

We run our business based on the intact auto parts of the vehicles we buy. We extract these parts and resell them. By doing so, we continue our business and contribute to the conservation of resources used in auto production. So if for some reason, we fail to wreck the car properly and the intact parts get damaged, then it will be a waste of reusable auto parts.

Wastage of valuable resources

Did you know that recycling a ton of glass can save around 10 gallons of oil from getting employed in the production of new glass? By recycling cars, a huge amount of iron and steel can be preserved. But if the recycling process, which constitutes most of the wrecking process, isn’t done properly, then there is no point in selling your vehicle to car wreckers near you because it defeats its real purpose.

Loss for the Company

The car wrecking company in charge of your vehicle will face some trouble if they make a mistake with the process. They will have a financial loss of their own because they bought the car from you but didn’t make a profit. And if the mistake is serious, like failing to drain the harmful fluids, then they might even have to face government trouble.

So it’s clear that you should always choose a car wrecking company that has been in the field long enough not to make these kinds of mistakes.