Getting a dent in your precious car can throw you into a fit of worry. But before taking it to a repair shop, see if you can fix the dent yourself, which is definitely possible. In this article, we will talk about how you can remove a dent from your car, and what to do if you can’t.

How to remove a dent from your car by yourself

If the dent isn’t too serious, then you’re quite lucky. It’s possible to fix minor dents in the car by yourself. There are many ways to do that, for example –

Using a plunger: This is for small dents, especially on doors and side panels. Wet a cup plunger and create suction over the dent, not too aggressively.

Using dry ice: Rubbing dry ice on the dent of your vehicle can make the dent pop out on its own. Using a hairdryer to heat the surface before applying ice may be more effective. Make sure to wear hand protection while rubbing the ice.

Apply boiling water: If your vehicle has a plastic bumper and the dent is there, then first pour boiling hot water on the dented area to soften it. Then you have to reach your hand behind the area and gently push the dent out.

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how to fix a car dent

Using wooden dowels and screws: If you don’t want to ruin the paint of your car while fixing the dent, this method is a very safe one. First, fix screws on the ends of small wooden dowels, then use hot glue to fix the dowel over the dent. After the glue has dried, slowly pull on the dowel through the screws to make the dent pop out.

Use the specialty kit: If none of the methods work, there are kits available to fix the dents in vehicles. These kits contain products that are specially designed to use force to pull out the dents. However, the success rate of these kits isn’t entirely reliable.

What if the dents on your car are more serious?

If none of the DIY methods worked, then it’s obvious that you will have to look for an alternative. In this case, depending on the condition of the car, there are some options-

Take it to a garage: If you aren’t confident that you’ll be able to carry out the DIY methods, or if the dent seems too serious, take it to the pros. They will have the tools and skills required to fix it. But that is only if the dent is fixable.

Get the part replaced: Most car parts can be replaced. If the dent is on a part like that, and there is no way to fix it, it’s best to buy a replacement part for it. You can choose to buy a completely new part, or it can be a used part. As long as the model and the color match, you’re good.

Scrap the car: If the dent is so bad that it’s not possible to run the car even after getting replacements, then there is no other option but to get rid of it. Usually, the one place that would be willing to buy a car that is badly damaged is a car wrecking company or scrap yard. In that case, you can just scrap the vehicle and get some instant cash out of it.