Getting the best opportunity to get rid of unwanted or useless materials for a big bucks could be an offer you get once in a lifetime.

In this article we will cover

As a car owner, you might have an old car, or a car not roadworthy due to an accident, brake malfunctioning, broken or cracked windscreen, no seat, no seatbelt, steering stiffness, no lights, no reflectors, and more, and search for the best possible ways on how to get rid of the unwanted car using the best car wrecker service.

If you bought a car that is not roadworthy or you wish to sell your unwanted car for cash, and you’re looking for a car buying, wrecking, or recycling service that will pay cash for junk or old cars, An opportunity awaits you in this article. Although there are specific steps to follow to claim your cash. I know a lot of people still ask this question;

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What does it mean if a car is not roadworthy?

A roadworthy vehicle is a vehicle that meets all the basic requirements for a vehicle to safely operate on the road for the transportation of people, goods, and services to their destination, place of consumption, or service. The vehicle could be a truck, bus, car, motorcycle, and more.

If a vehicle can’t meet all the requirements that make it fit and safe to operate on the road for the transportation of people, goods, and services, then it is known not to be roadworthy

I know you have a lot of questions running through your mind, and you need the possible correct answers at the moment, why not keep your nerves down and let this article give your mind the peace it deserves? I know you have questions.

Can you sell a car that is not roadworthy?

Yes, you can. If you have an old unwanted car that is not roadworthy, you can sell it off if you find any individual or wrecker service willing to buy it, possibly for spare parts or other reasons since it belongs to you.

Is it illegal to sell a car that is not roadworthy?

It depends on the way you handle the whole situation which determines if it’s illegal or not.

If you’re selling a car that is not roadworthy to an individual without their knowledge about the faults of the vehicle, then it’s illegal. But If the buyer is aware that the car is not roadworthy then you are allowed to sell it.

You can sell your car without a warrant of fitness since it’s not a new car and the party you’re selling the car is aware of the faults or aware that there’s no warrant of fitness. So don’t let the question “can you sell a car without a warrant of fitness?” bother you, because you can.

After following all the processes involved in how to get rid of a car that is not road worthy, all you have to do is contact a wrecker service that will pay cash for a junk car.

How will my car be removed if not roadworthy?

The answer is simple, the car will be towed away by the buyers. This also depends on who you are selling your vehicle to, if it is a well-known dealership, firstly, they may not purchase a car they cannot resell, secondly, they may pay you a very low price for it.

However, if you speak to a junkyard whose business is based on buying dead vehicles then you may get a much higher price. At car junk yards we purchase and wreck vehicles to salvage their parts. This is how the business works, depending on the make and model of the car, and how much in demand the model is the offers can go as high as $10,000. However, the higher range of those offers is usually for trucks and SUVs, Utes and buses.