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Recycle Your Car from Auckland to Hamilton

Have you bought a new car and have finally accepted it’s time to get rid of your old scrap car that’s taking up space in your garage? Don’t have the time to take it to a wrecker yourself? Get in touch with Mega Wreckers today and we’ll come take it off your hands for you.

We’re a 100% Kiwi owned and operated business with scrap yards located in Auckland and Hamilton. No matter where you’re located in the North Island, we’ll come to you to collect your car. We also provide no-obligation free quotes to let you know how much your vehicle is worth and we pay up front as soon as we remove it.

If you’re after some quick and easy cash, give Mega Wreckers a call today.

We scrap your car for you and recycle every part

We’ve all had a car at some point or another that we can’t bear to part with. Maybe it hasn’t started in a while or maybe it was never working to begin with, but you always meant to get it working again, if only you could find the time. If the time has come to finally accept defeat and give it up for scrap, choose Mega Wreckers. We accept every vehicle, no matter the make or model and we recycle every part, down to the last nuts and bolts. That way you know your car has been put to good use!

We’ve been recycling and scrapping cars in from North and South Auckland to Hamilton and all across the north island for close to a decade. We sell the majority of your car scrap to local New Zealand markets. Anything we can’t sell locally, we export to overseas markets. Our aim is to 100% recycle every part of your car to help ensure a sustainable market. Why not give us a call today and make some space in your garage?

Fast & easy cash for recycling your car – contact us today

Need some fast and easy cash? Give Mega Wreckers a call for a free quote today on 0800 800 666.

The guys at Mega wreckers are now my friends. One time i needed to sell a car quickly and for a certain amount. To make things worse it was the weekend and I needed the money on Sunday! I called 0800 800 666 and was just straight up with them about what I needed. They said no worries and to meet them at the yard on Sunday morning! With in 15 minutes I had the cash in my pocket and was driving away. I now go there whenever I have something to sell or whenever I need any parts and they always look after me."

Brett from Auckland


Thanks for the awesome deal over the weekend mate. Those tyre are super good and super cheap. I have recommended you to my mates.

Danial Morris


Good guy stayed well past 7pm to wait for me to get from Rotorua. Much appreciated cheers.

Steven Rosoman


Thanks for the awesome dealings with you.

Kimig Parata