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The NZ Wreckers Specialising in Toyota, Ford, And Honda Car Parts

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Do you need new parts for your car? Why get a brand new and expensive car part, when you can buy a perfectly functioning and much more affordable alternative? With countless vehicles passing through our doors each week in our Auckland and Hamilton car shops, we’ve got a continuous selection of car parts at hand across a range of car makes and models to suit your vehicle. 

At Mega Wreckers, we sell a range of affordable car parts. Whether you need an ignition coil for your trusty Toyota Corolla, or something more special for a rarer make and model, we’ll strive to get our hands on it for you and will let you know as soon as we do.

Get in touch to enquire about our affordable car parts for Toyotas, Hondas, Fords, and more!

The trusted wreckers in Hamilton and Auckland

Our much-loved cash for car policy sees a stream of car makes and models pass through our doors, including numerous Toyotas, Fords, and Hondas. We are passionate about recycling and reusing, which is why we strive to make the most out of each car. That means that for each car we process, we save every part we can, from bulky but durable engines down to small nuts and bolts.

To you, this means that you’ve got a NZ car wrecker with their hands on the parts you might be needing. If we don’t have the part right away, we can make sure to keep our eyes open for it, both in Auckland and Hamilton. This means that you’ve got twice the chance of getting the parts you need, for less.

Why go with Mega Wreckers?

Our popularity simply means that we’ve got the unbeatable selection of car parts available to you. If we don’t have the part – chances are nobody does. Buy the parts you need affordably and efficiently and get driving again in no time. Many car repair shops source their parts from us, and you can too!

Are you looking for a specific part today? Simply enquire today on 0800 800 666 to see whether the parts you need are waiting for you on our shelves.


The guys at Mega wreckers are now my friends. One time i needed to sell a car quickly and for a certain amount. To make things worse it was the weekend and I needed the money on Sunday! I called 0800 800 666 and was just straight up with them about what I needed. They said no worries and to meet them at the yard on Sunday morning! With in 15 minutes I had the cash in my pocket and was driving away. I now go there whenever I have something to sell or whenever I need any parts and they always look after me."

Brett from Auckland


Thanks for the awesome deal over the weekend mate. Those tyre are super good and super cheap. I have recommended you to my mates.

Danial Morris


Good guy stayed well past 7pm to wait for me to get from Rotorua. Much appreciated cheers.

Steven Rosoman


Thanks for the awesome dealings with you.

Kimig Parata